Our Story

Our log home has a long front porch which looks west about 20 miles to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Let’s go sit on the porch and talk.

Front Porch

As we look toward the mountains you will see a large fire pit where we enjoy sundowns and starry nights. Just beyond is the organic vegetable garden and beyond that is the largest of our four Christmas Tree fields, about 7 acres in size. Just above that field is our studio, where Sally and Jeanne create their beautiful hooked rugs. Beyond the studio is our large barn and a bit further, tucked away beside a shed, are a dozen beehives which produced nearly 600 pounds of honey this year. South of the house is a grove of pines under which we keep our shiitake mushroom logs, presently about 400 in number. In the house is Jim’s loom, used to create runners, scarves and other fabrics when the weather is bad and no outdoor work can be done. A small grape arbor is just to the west of the studio, and cherry and pear trees are scattered about on our hilltop. Mature woods lie to the north of the house and flow down to a lovely creek at the bottom of our land.

We bought this place, 25 acres in total, in 1980. We are about 60 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., in Culpeper County, Virginia. In 1980 our land was nearly all in woods, with a few tumble-down buildings at the top of the hill. It has been the adventure of our lives to adapt this place to our energies and interests, and to adapt ourselves to what this place offers us. What we hope you will find on our website is not just a display of the things we make but a sense of how everything works together.

We are lucky to be here and our enjoyment of our farm has been immeasurably increased by our children, three of whom have moved close to us. Daughter Jeanne and her family own a small farm just across the road to the west. Son Frank and his family have a place adjacent to us on the east, and son Roger and his children live just down the drive from us. Son Craig lives on the shores of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island and is a Professor at the University of Massachusetts.

So now you know about where we live and a little about who we are and what we do. When we started on our journey to where we are now we had many questions and doubts. If you are thinking that a similar journey might suit you please let us know. It would be fun to converse with you.

Next we will outline what the year is like here on our farm, and then we will introduce you to the things we do to enjoy our lives here. If you have some time, you can get started by navigating around our website and learning more about our individual projects.