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Jeanne Day


I have the good fortune to live in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, which stretch out along the western horizon from our family farm. The beauty of this place inspires most of my work. Sometimes I see a squirrel bounding across the yard or notice the moon caught in the top of a pine tree, or a yucca plant in bloom standing by the dusty drive. These are the kinds of things that seem to be waiting for me when I sit down to work at a new rug.

I compose all of my own designs and have learned most of what I know about balance and color through trial and error, and through critiquing them in our farm studio. Each rug has a story behind it and I enjoy sharing those stories with those who buy my rugs.

Jim Mello

Jim Mello

Weaving and I came together by accident, when I built a loom for my daughter when she was 12. I found it then to be a quiet change of pace from daily work and life, and I still find it so today. It was invented at the earliest dawnings of human development, yet it offers possibilities that are still new and fresh. Rain on the roof, a warm fire in the woodstove, and a closet full of yarns create the perfect conditions for me to sit at the loom. If I have been away from weaving for a while, these things will surely draw me back. I have something on at least one of my looms at all times, and usually spend a part of most days in weaving. I hope many more people will do as I have and discover in weaving a mild antidote to the intensity of daily life.

Sally Mello


I studied Art at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, but I am inspired to create by my view of the the light, shapes and colors of the Virginia countryside. My chosen medium is oil painting, though I also love the feel of fabric and the opportunities for designing in rug hooking. I like to bring the sketch to life in either medium, as there are different strengths to each. It is interesting to me that when artists take a walk in the woods they come away not only with a sense of pleasure but a feeling of compulsion to do something with the sights along the way. I love the fact that the walk is never over for me.