Our Summer

September has arrived! And although it will bring us into Fall, the month has begun by telling us to be patient. Despite the summer weather, it is easy to tell that we are approaching an equinox, and that the growing season is winding down–low growth on the tomatoes is beginning to die and leafy greens are being planted.

And only 11 market weekends remain before we begin selling Christmas trees, the day after Thanksgiving. This post will be a picture tour back through the season so far. They will tell a story of a mild, wet, productive summer.

Remember these guys? Their constant drone was the background to every strawberry picked this year. Now, husks and damaged trees are the only proof they were here.


We were able to bring a wide variety of produce to our early markets.

Our early markets

The bees flourished this year after a winter of hard losses. Here they are under a dramatic sky.

Bees hives

The US averages 400lbs of insects per acre*, and that is nowhere more evident than during a humid Virginia August. The spiders know it too.

Humid Virginia August

*Pedigo, Larry P. 1999. Entomology and Pest Management, Third Edition.Prentice Hall. P. 1.

For us, 2013 was a summer of invertebrates and fungi. This year’s shiitake logs are exceptionally productive.

Shiitake logs

A picture from our near future. We are looking forward to the leaves dropping and the work of a different season to begin. Come see us at market in Warrenton, or drop us a line at OakShadeFarm@gmail.com